21 of the Best Zip Codes for Real Estate Investing

Real estate investing

Tyler Weaver has written a great post on real estate investing for Wealth of Geek which we’re republishing here. Tyler is a real estate investor and blogger at Relentless Finance. Real estate investors may need to broaden their search to additional markets with real estate inventory currently at record lows. When searching, remember that not … Read more

7 Things You Should Know About SpaceX Stock

Spacex stock

News that Elon Musk’s SpaceX raised $850 million in funding, increasing its valuation to $74 billion put SpaceX stock on many investors’ wishlist. However, while the stock isn’t available to private investors, we’ll look at key reasons why it should still be on your radar. The company has come a long way since its humble … Read more

How Financial Freedom is Possible on Almost Any Income

Financial freedom

No lottery. No inheritance. I did not sell a business for millions, either. I achieved financial freedom at 35 by using old-fashioned money principles that changed my life. What is Financial Freedom? Financial freedom means that you live a fully-funded lifestyle that does not require a full-time job to support, though you may still choose … Read more

4 Actionable Steps You Must do Right Now to Retire Early

Retire Early

Early retirement isn’t rocket science, though sometimes it can seem like it. Early retirees quit the rat race years (and sometimes decades) before the traditional retirement age of 62 to 65. I retired from full-time work at 35 and know a thing or two about how this works. It seems complicated, but it’s not. It … Read more