13 Key Signs of a Housing Market Crash

housing market crash

Wealthy Living has given permission to republish this comprehensive post on signs that indicate a housing market crash is imminent. Whatever your view of the market, whether the housing bubble will continue or slowly deflate, this is a great read. A recent survey found that the majority of Americans are expecting a housing market crash. … Read more

Weekly Side Hustle Passive Income Update – Jan 16.

passive income, side hustle

This week’s update highlights various strategies worth looking at. If you missed last week’s email you can view it here.​ ​As Interest Rates Push Housing Prices Higher, Even Earning Passive Income from Rentals Becomes Risky​ Yahoo published an article last week that highlighted the difficulties real estate investors face. For the most part, landlords are dependant on debt … Read more

Weekly Side Hustle Passive Income Update – Jan 09.

passive income, side hustle

This week we highlight three articles worth looking at. Passive income, paid surveys and other ways to access cash in 2023 A recent article published on CBS News  gives some ideas for accessing cash – they’re side hustles rather than passive income, one of which catches the eye; getting paid to take surveys. Taking surveys … Read more

5 Essential Things You Should Know About Biden’s First Time Home Buyer Grant Program

First Time Home Buyer Grant

The Biden administration has proposed a $25,000 First Time Home Buyer Grant to assist qualifying buyers in becoming homeowners.  On April 14, 2021, lawmakers presented 17 housing-related bills. The Downpayment Toward Equity Act of 2021, also known as the $25,000 First-Time Home Buyer Grant, is one of the 17 bills presented. The grant addresses a … Read more

How to Make Passive Income With Alternative Investments As Low As $500

Alternative Investment

Are you looking into alternative investments? This excellent piece by  Marjolein Dilven will give you great insights into generating a passive income from them. It was originally published on Wealth of Geeks, we have their permission to repost it here. We hear a lot these days about alternative investments. Wall Street firms regularly tout their … Read more

Your Ultimate Guide to Passive Income Using Real Estate Investing

Passive income

Financial Freedom Countdown has produced this guide on using real estate investing for passive income. Fears of a housing market crash or minor deflation of the current bubble followed by a fall in prices but this post should be compulary reading for first time home buyers or established housing market investors. Passive income in its … Read more