6 High Dividend Stocks and a Dividend King That Should be on Your Watchlist

High dividend, dividend kings

Stocks that pay dividends give investors a regular share of the company’s profits. Most American dividend stocks pay investors a fixed sum every three months, and the best ones enhance their payouts over time so that investors can build a steady stream of cash similar to an annuity.  Investors can also choose to put dividends … Read more

Critical Things to Consider When Going it Alone: How to Sell a House by Owner

Sell a house by owner

There has been little sign of a housing market crash (although there have been some indications of falling homes prices) and the trend of higher housing market prices continues causing fears of a bubble. Many homeowner are looking to sell their homes into this strength however, increased costs, driven by inflation is causing many home sellers to bypass … Read more

6 Steps to Sell Your House in a Seller’s Market

Sell your house

Higher housing market prices is up causing fears of a bubble but while there few signs of a housing market crash, there are clear indications of a falling homes prices. If you want to lock-in some of your profits from your house, Wealth of Geeks gives direction on how to sell your house in a very active market. Despite … Read more

5 Essential Things You Should Know About Biden’s First Time Home Buyer Grant Program

First time home buyer

The Biden administration has proposed a $25,000 First Time Home Buyer Grant to assist qualifying buyers in becoming homeowners.  On April 14, 2021, lawmakers presented 17 housing-related bills. The Downpayment Toward Equity Act of 2021, also known as the $25,000 First-Time Home Buyer Grant, is one of the 17 bills presented. The grant addresses a … Read more

Your Ultimate Guide to Passive Income Using Real Estate Investing

Passive income

Financial Freedom Countdown has produced this guide on using real estate investing for passive income. Fears of a housing market crash or minor deflation of the current bubble followed by a fall in prices but this post should be compulary reading for first time home buyers or established housing market investors. Passive income in its … Read more

20 Original Passive Income Ideas for Your Financial Freedom

Passive income

Many people seek out and misunderstand what exactly is passive income. However, dreams of sitting on the beach while watching dollars roll into your bank account are far fetched. The closet to true passive income is real estate – owning and renting out property. But even the steady flow of rental income every month is … Read more