Pro-Life Group Disapproved of Trump’s Message Following The Midterms

Donald Trump made it clear that he did not feel he was responsible for the Republicans’ many losses in November’s midterm elections. His party was quick to point fingers in his direction, but Trump had other ideas. He’s turned the tables and blamed the candidates themselves for their “too strict” stances on abortion. A prominent … Read more

Biden Administration Attacked for Wanting to Censor People Who Don’t Support Children’s Gender Transition

A leaked video of Health and Human Services Assistant Rachel Levine reveals a push for alleged “experts” to encourage tech companies to censor individuals who believe gender transitions in children is wrong. Gender-Affirming Care In the video from May 2022, Levine is focused on “gender-affirming care.” “The positive value of gender-affirming care for youth and … Read more

Working Moms: Striking That Elusive Work-Life Balance

Working moms

There’s been a generational shift of the role of the woman from the housewife who looks after the children to one where they’ve had to continue to carry the parental burden whilst also entering the workplace. Working moms, both full time and part time have the ongoing challenge remain their children’s mom, available 24/7 whilst … Read more

The Most Awesome and Fun Things To Do With Kids Near Me

Fun Things To Do With Kids Near Me

This helpful article that shares fun things to do with kids near me was originally published by Wealth of Geeks. We were given permission to republish it here. Are you looking for some awesome things to do with kids? The dog days of summer are here. What started as an exciting opportunity to spend time … Read more

25 Best Affordable Family Gift Ideas (Plus 5 More You Can Make and Sell)

Affordable Family Gift Ideas

Wealth of Geeks published this amazing post on affordable family gift ideas. They gave us permission to republish it here. With at least five major gift-giving holidays in the U.S. (plus birthdays, anniversaries, and memorable moments like graduations, weddings, and new babies), it’s easy to bust your budget on presents. Gifting is big business, and … Read more

20 Awesome Kids Learning Activities: Games for Kids To Play

Kids Learning Activities

This excellent post on kids learning activities shares 20 interesting games for kids to play. It originally appeared on Wealth of Geeks and we received permission to republish it here. Isn’t it a parent’s dream to have their kids learning and having fun, all for free? With all the money parents spend on activities, it’s … Read more