10 Surprising Myths Deep-Rooted in Our Society as “True”

Surprising Myths

Have you ever heard the expression, “Oh, that’s an old wives tale?” Of course, you have. Who hasn’t? Nonetheless, it informs a person speaking false information, commonly misspoken, that it’s not the truth. For example, you don’t have to wait an hour to go swimming after you eat. Also, if you leave your eyes crossed for … Read more

11 Well-Written Strong Women Characters in Movies and on TV

11 Well-Written Strong Women Characters in Movies and on TV

Are you searching for some women who seriously kick butt? You’ve got company. Someone recently asked, “Who is a well-written, strong female character in a movie or TV show?” And these are the top-voted responses. 11. Avasarala from The Expanse One person said, “I think she’s my favorite character of all time (so far). She … Read more

12 Valuable Life Lessons Teenagers, Millennials, and Gen Z Aren’t Ready To Hear

Life Lessons Teenagers

Do you believe today’s teenagers aren’t ready to hear the life lessons you have to offer them? You have company. Redditor u/Slight_Weight_7053 asked, “What are teens today not ready to hear?” Over 25,000 people commented, and twice as many upvoted to give you these ten valuable life lessons. 12. Life Doesn’t Have a System – … Read more

10 Best Friends Episodes of All Time, Ranked

Best Friends Episodes

It’s been eighteen years since Friends premiered, and people are still talking about it. It’s in heavy syndication, and they recently had a Friends Reunion, both streaming on HBO Max. After a die-hard fan asked, “What are the best episodes of all time?” These were the top-voted responses.  10. The One with All the Cheesecakes – Season 7, Episode … Read more

10 Industries With the Most Job Openings

industries with most job openings

This article on industries with the most job openings originally appeared on Tovuti LMS. We republished it here with permission. The U.S. economy has had a strong recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the International Monetary Fund. The unemployment rate has returned to 2019 levels and wage increases for lower-income workers have reduced income … Read more

The 10 Fastest-Growing Jobs in Education

jobs in education

This excellent post tackles jobs in education to help graduates if they choose to pursue a career in the education field. It was published on Hey Tutor, and they permitted us to republish it here. For lovers of learning, pursuing a career in education remains highly appealing. While every town has at least one school … Read more

Social Isolation and Mental Health: Tips From Experts on Staying Healthy

mental health

By now, we are all very familiar with the concept of socially distancing ourselves to prevent further transmission of the COVID-19 disease caused by a novel coronavirus. Approximately 97% of people are under stay-at-home orders in the United States and therefore unable to go to work, visit friends and family, or do many of the other small and large … Read more

Education Jobs Charlottesville: The Highest and Lowest Paying

education jobs charlottesville

This article shares 25 of the lowest to highest-paying education jobs Charlottesville. We received permission to republish it here. Whether you picture hard-working teachers buying school supplies for their students or genius professors shaping future leaders, it’s fair to say education encompasses a wide variety of jobs. So much so that there’s room to specialize … Read more

Careers That Require the Most Schooling

careers that require the most schooling

This great post on sharing 25 careers that require the most schooling was published by Study Soup. We received permission to republish it here. In the 21st century, career demands have increased and many careers require a significant amount of school. Doctors, lawyers, scientists, and teachers all require specialized training that prepares them for work in … Read more