8 Resume Power Words to Boost Your Chances of Getting A Job

resume power words

Most people’s resumes are boring. I spent 14-years hiring and firing staff within the information technology sector. Over those years, I’ve read thousands of resumes. I threw most of them away within 10 seconds. They were dull, and repetitive and most of them put me to sleep. The resumes I kept were impressive. They were … Read more

The Future is Bleak for These 13 Professions

Dead end professions

The world of work is changing. Covid has had a profound impact of how we work and technology is increasingly automating what we do. Nadia at Wealthy Nickel has written this post of professions that don’t offer a great future. As the economy continues to soar following the COVID pandemic, surging inflation and mounting costs … Read more

Avoid These 8 Overused Email Phrases If You Want to Land a Job Interview

Job interview

Whether you’re in between jobs and job seeking or looking for a career change, there are some big things you should avoid writing in your emails to prospective employers. Fairy God Boss has written this great article on eight, must-avoid email phrases. We’ve all received emails that are filled with cliched work phrases. And we probably roll … Read more