Why Won’t Anyone Hire Me?

Why Won’t Anyone Hire Me?

Whether you’re hoping for a career change or simply looking to get hired into role, it’s not unsual to ask yourself why you’re not succeding in finding a job. This post from My Life I Guess looks at some of the reasons. The process of finding a new job can be discouraging at times. You … Read more

Two Biggest Resume Mistakes According to This Job Hunting Coach

Resume mistakes

This great post by career coach, Stephanie at Fairy God Boss looks at two of the biggest resume mistakes made by job hunters. If you’re an experienced professional, chances are you’ve got the basics covered in your resume. Quantifiable results. Check. Page length is limited to two or three pages. Check. Keywords from the job … Read more

Avoid These 8 Overused Email Phrases If You Want to Land a Job Interview

Job interview

Whether you’re in between jobs and job seeking or looking for a career change, there are some big things you should avoid writing in your emails to prospective employers. Fairy God Boss has written this great article on eight, must-avoid email phrases. We’ve all received emails that are filled with cliched work phrases. And we probably roll … Read more