4 Yellow Flags That You Should Think Twice About Before Accepting a Job Offer

Job offer

Getting a job offer is an achievement in itself and when you’ve been looking for work or a career change for a while it can be tempting to job at the first offer that comes your way. However, sometimes its worthwhile to pause and reflect and consider whether its really the right job (or employer) … Read more

Avoid These 8 Overused Email Phrases If You Want to Land a Job Interview

Job interview

Whether you’re in between jobs and job seeking or looking for a career change, there are some big things you should avoid writing in your emails to prospective employers. Fairy God Boss has written this great article on eight, must-avoid email phrases. We’ve all received emails that are filled with cliched work phrases. And we probably roll … Read more

Working Moms: Striking That Elusive Work-Life Balance

Working moms

There’s been a generational shift of the role of the woman from the housewife who looks after the children to one where they’ve had to continue to carry the parental burden whilst also entering the workplace. Working moms, both full time and part time have the ongoing challenge remain their children’s mom, available 24/7 whilst … Read more

These Two Cultural Fit Interview Questions Are a Major Red Flag

Interview Questions

Just as important as an employee’s qualifications and skills is their fit with the employer. Will they mesh with their colleagues? Do they hold the same values as the employer? That’s why culture fit interviews have become so popular. These questions are meant to give the interviewer insight into the candidate’s personality, values, work ethic, and … Read more

Resume Checker Software and the Future of Job Hunting

Resume checker

As the world returns to work, crafting the perfect resume has never been more important. However, staying ahead of the curve could help you stand out and defeat the bots that are more likely than not going to be reading your resume. An influx of new websites offering AI-supported resume checking software might become a … Read more