4 Great Reasons Why You Should Now Consider a Career Change

Career change

Choosing a career change might be done out of the promise of better potential for advancement, salary, or even work, life balance. Sometimes, our existing profession demands an occasional makeover or even a complete shift, particularly as we get older. If you don’t know this yet, changing careers is not anymore an act of rarity. … Read more

How to Tell You’ve Been Ghosted After an Interview And How to Stop It

A disgraceful phenomenon that — while not exactly a new concept  — feels more prevalent than ever in the dating world: “ghosting.” Ghosting refers to the act of vanishing entirely from a romantic prospect’s life without a text, email, or DM to explain why. It’s frustrating; it’s juvenile, and, unfortunately, it’s not exclusive to your … Read more

Is Real Estate Investment Trusts a Good Career Path? [Answered]

Is Real Estate Investment Trusts A Good Career Path

Anyone who works in the financial sector may have read about Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). Income-producing real estate is a rising element of the American financial industry. REITs were established by Congress in 1960 to provide equal access to opportunities for investment in the real estate sector. REITs had a market value of $1.25 … Read more

10 Jobs That Are a Lot Less Fun Than People Think

Jobs That Are a Lot Less Fun

Are you searching for an enjoyable job? They say it’s essential that you love what you do to be happy in life. Recently someone asked on Reddit, “Which job is a LOT less fun than most people expect?” Here are the top-voted responses. 10. Lifeguard Someone responded, “Lifeguarding. Everyone expects the Baywatch act to save … Read more

Why Won’t Anyone Hire Me?

Why Won’t Anyone Hire Me?

Whether you’re hoping for a career change or simply looking to get hired into role, it’s not unsual to ask yourself why you’re not succeding in finding a job. This post from My Life I Guess looks at some of the reasons. The process of finding a new job can be discouraging at times. You … Read more

Post-Graduate Salary: Is Gen Z Expecting Too Much?

Graduate salary

This post from Real Estate Witch and republished by Career Step Up asks whether the current shortage of workers has led to Gen Z expecting higher salaries than can be justified. Today’s college graduates expect to receive a starting salary at their first job that’s nearly double the actual average entry-level salary — and these … Read more

Latest Labor Data Reveals Industries Offering Most Job Security Into Uncertain 2023

job security

Another month, another unchanged unemployment rate. November 2022 labor market data showed a steady 3.7% rate of unemployment in the country, matching figures from the previous month and perpetuating the already tight market. Despite this news, some industries are seeing significant fluctuations in employment levels.   In industries where employee demand is increasing, wages are also … Read more