Your Three Most Important Questions To Ask The Interviewer

Questions To Ask Interviewer

Nailing the job interview requires preparation and the right interview technique. Aligned to both involves asking the right questions to ask the interviewer. Without a doubt, a strong interview technique is an essential part of our job or career change. This is true whether you’re looking for seasonal work or a big step up in … Read more

4 Yellow Flags That You Should Think Twice About Before Accepting a Job Offer

Job offer

Getting a job offer is an achievement in itself and when you’ve been looking for work or a career change for a while it can be tempting to job at the first offer that comes your way. However, sometimes its worthwhile to pause and reflect and consider whether its really the right job (or employer) … Read more

8 Resume Power Words to Boost Your Chances of Getting A Job

Most people’s resumes are boring. I spent 14-years hiring and firing staff within the information technology sector. Over those years, I’ve read thousands of resumes. I threw most of them away within 10 seconds. They were dull, and repetitive and most of them put me to sleep. The resumes I kept were impressive. They were … Read more

Avoid These 8 Overused Email Phrases If You Want to Land a Job Interview

Job interview

Whether you’re in between jobs and job seeking or looking for a career change, there are some big things you should avoid writing in your emails to prospective employers. Fairy God Boss has written this great article on eight, must-avoid email phrases. We’ve all received emails that are filled with cliched work phrases. And we probably roll … Read more

Resume Checker Software and the Future of Job Hunting

Resume checker

As the world returns to work, crafting the perfect resume has never been more important. However, staying ahead of the curve could help you stand out and defeat the bots that are more likely than not going to be reading your resume. An influx of new websites offering AI-supported resume checking software might become a … Read more

Is Real Estate Investment Trusts A Good Career Path?

Is Real Estate Investment Trusts A Good Career Path

Anyone who works in the financial sector may have read about Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). Income-producing real estate is a rising element of the American financial industry. REITs were established by Congress in 1960 to provide equal access to opportunities for investment in the real estate sector. REITs had a market value of $1.25 … Read more