Her Brother-In-Law Freaked Out When It Was Her Time of the Month, Then Made an Unreasonable Request

This tale of drama comes to us from Reddit, where a user wanted to know if she was in the wrong for leaving her brother-in-law’s house when he refused to let her in his hot tub – the reason why may shock you!

An Awkward Situation

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Our protagonist, a confident and unapologetic woman, recently found herself in a rather uncomfortable situation with her brother-in-law, Bill.

She still can’t believe what happened over the weekend!

She Visited During the Holiday

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She and her husband decided to visit Bill at his new house for the first time, which was four hours away from them.

But things quickly took a turn when she got her period while sleeping in the guest room.

They Cleaned It Thoroughly

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While she was sleeping, she bled a little, leaving a small bloodstain about the size of a quarter on the guest room sheets.

Her husband helped her strip the bed and wash the sheets. When the sheets were clean, there was not a trace of the stain left.

But He Was Disgusted

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But while they were cleaning the sheets, Bill heard the dryer going and asked what was going on.

When OP told Bill what happened, he looked at her as if she had a contagious disease!

She told him the truth because “my period isn’t a dirty little secret; it’s a natural thing that happens to half of the adult population,” and this was how he reacted?!

He Was Like Sherlock Holmes

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He inspected the sheets for a long time, trying to find something that wasn’t there, causing OP to snap at him, “Jesus, if you’re looking that closely and can’t find a stain, can’t you trust me that I got it out?”

He Banned Her From the Hot Tub

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Later that night, they all planned to hang out in her BIL’s hot tub, but he told the OP that she couldn’t get in because of her period!

She explained that the leak was because she hadn’t been expecting her period and had been fast asleep all night.

She Was Angry, and So Was Her Husband

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She also told him that it was perfectly safe and sanitary for her to use a sanitary product and sit in the hot tub for an hour, but he refused to budge.

OP’s husband had her back, and they got into a big argument. In the end, they decided to pack their stuff and stay at a nearby hotel.

He Did What?!

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The next morning they drove home, but not before Bill Venmo requested her husband $100 for new sheets!

He refused to pay, as there wasn’t a single stain on the sheets, but the whole situation caused a rift in the family.

The Family Is Staying Out of It

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When her husband told his side of the family, they said they were going to stay well out of it, and while OP wishes they had her back more, at least they’re not piling onto her.

She’s Outraged That This Could Happen in 2023

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She can’t believe that her BIL wouldn’t let her in the hot tub because “period blood is gross.”

She and her husband ended up going to the hotel hot tub and stayed in for 90 minutes, and when she got out, everything was fine.

Bill’s worries were unnecessary and childish.

What About Her Behaviour?

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Now OP is torn between feeling like she did nothing wrong and feeling like she was in the wrong.

She’s wondering if she and her husband were bad for leaving and not paying for the sheets.

He Was Being Ridiculous

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But let’s be real; her BIL was being ridiculous. The fact that he wouldn’t let OP in the hot tub because of her period is beyond absurd. It’s 2023, not the 1800s.

It’s disappointing that some people still view periods as something gross or shameful.

She Shouldn’t Have to Hide It

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Bill’s behavior was unreasonable, and OP has a right to feel offended. As she said, “My period is not a shameful thing, and I refuse to be treated like it is.”

OP should not feel ashamed or embarrassed about her period, and she shouldn’t have to hide it like a dirty secret.

It’s a natural part of life, and it’s time for people to stop treating it like something taboo.

Men Should Educate Themselves

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OP’s story is a reminder that we should all be more accepting and understanding of natural bodily functions. Hopefully, BIL will come around and learn to be more respectful in the future.

They Did What Was Best for Them

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It’s unfortunate that this situation has caused a rift in the family, but at the end of the day, OP and her husband did what they felt was best for them.

They shouldn’t have to sacrifice their comfort or dignity because of someone else’s unreasonable beliefs.

An Overreaction and a Half

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Reddit users thought that her BIL overreacted completely. One user said, “I suppose there are arguments to be made about the sheets if the strain hadn’t come out.

But this definitely feels more like an “ew, women are gross. Stop being gross” Sort of tantrum. I still can’t believe that in 2023, some people react this way to periods.”

What do you think about this story? Should she apologize to her BIL and offer to pay for the sheets, or was he overreacting?

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