Men Reveal: The 10 Biggest Dealbreakers in a Girl

Are you a single lady in the dating game? Haven’t been having much luck recently, and wondering why? Could it be something on your end that’s turning guys away? Well, ladies, wonder no more!

We’ve taken input from the experts – real men – what puts them off when it comes to potential girlfriends and have compiled a list of their ten biggest dealbreakers.

The question came up in a recent Reddit thread when u/thenamestilly asked, “Boys be honest, what makes a girl instantly unattractive?” The question got over 24,000 responses, these were the top voted responses. 

#1. Entitlement – 26.8K Votes

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Neowynd101262 gave the most up voted contributed, they said, “Entitlement.” AhFourFeckSakeLads agreed and said that when entitlement is seen in a woman, you should, “Run like hell.”

Goodgodzilla added, “This is so true as entitlement reaches into so many areas of a relationship from considering divergent viewpoints, to sex, to finances, to empathetic action, to working as a partner et. al. You just summed a lot in one word.”

#2. Being Rude or Disrespectful – 24.7K Votes

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Koevsocks response was the second most popular, they said, “Being rude or disrespectful without a reason.”

NegativeGee agreed saying, “And then when I call her out on it I get the “you have to stop being so sensitive”. How about you just try being nice, it’s not that hard.”

#3. Lying – 20.1K Votes

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Anomaly1134 gave the third most up voted response. They said, “Lying. Being Flakey. Talking negatively about everything and everyone. Treating a server poorly.”

Neo_sporin replied with a story, “In highschool a girl said ‘we are going over to Kenny’s to watch a movie, I’ll pick you up at 8’ I was NOT ready for the doorbell to ring at 8 AM. Married her and she haaaates this story.”

Dodexahedron added their humorous reply, “I, too, am disappointed if a woman doesn’t install patches in a timely fashion and keep things properly secured and maintained.”

#4. She Blames Everyone For Her Mistakes – 19.0K Votes

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Laussen-gram contribution was, “When she blames everyone for her own mistakes.” Mickey_thebish replied, “For me this goes with any gender. and friends to. Like no bye.”

#5. Demanding – 18.5K Votes

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BringbackIpaths responded, “My roommate invited a girl over and she just barks “MAKE ME A DRINK” at him.”

MoJoRisin125 replied, “I see your roommate is one of the masochistic types that just loves it when a woman s***s all over him. It absolutely *baffles* me how many people there are like this out there. Men and women both.”

#6. Thread Summary, “Don’t be an ***hole” – 18.0K Votes

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Revangelion thought that, “A summary of this thread is ‘don’t be an ***hole’ and ‘don’t smell bad’. 

Skleppykins added, “Also, all of the qualities apply to people in general, not specifically women. I’d be turned off by a smelly, self-entitled ***hole co-worker as much as I would a smelly, self-entitled ***hole partner.”

#7. Talking About Ex – 16.6K Votes

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JasonPassley offered, “Constantly talking about an ex, even in a derogatory manner. Let it go.”

CaterpillarNo2943 agreed saying, “I have a friend that has been divorced for 20+ years and she still can’t stop talking about her ‘was-band’. Unreal. Majorly annoying.”

#8. Littering – 12.5K Votes

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Amitybeast’s turnoff was, “If she litters. Had a girl throw a bag of trash out of my passenger window while taking her home. She called me a ‘tree hugger’ when I called her out on it.”

In reply, ExWiFi69 had a similar story, “I was driving with my cousin once and they threw a whole pizza box out the window while I was driving.

I turned the car around and made them pick it up. The look of betrayal on their face since they had friends in the car. Shame is powerful.”

#9. Bad Hygiene” – 11.8K Votes

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BodegaDad response was, “Bad hygiene.” To which HardcoreShadow replied, “This. You may be very surprised just how many people forget to give their bums a good clean.”

#10. Self Love” – 11.1K Votes

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ClepTheTenderhearted thought that their turnoff was, “Using “self love” as an excuse to be narcissistic and s****y.”

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