Her Boss Had Been Stealing Her Work for Years, and Then He Accidentally Outed Himself to the CEO!

It’s time for a tale of karmic retribution. Today it comes from a woman whose boss had been passing off her reports as his. It’s a great story!

A Great Job

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Our storyteller is a woman who had just graduated from university when she landed an admin job in a large corporation.

Because she was skilled with computers, she was quickly promoted twice. This was at a time when computer skills were not as common.

A Useless Boss

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Two years into her job, her lovely manager left and got replaced by a new guy, Brian, who was “absolutely useless.”

He had gone through an accelerated management training scheme, so they were all expecting good things from him, but he turned out to be “shockingly bad at pretty much everything.”

He Was Terrible at His Job

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Brian was incapable of completing work to a satisfactory level, and senior management quickly lost faith in him.

They stopped giving him work after a while because he either didn’t do it, or it was so bad someone else had to redo it!

She Had to Do a Lot of Reports

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Part of OP’s job was to do occasional Research and Report tasks, which she would then present to senior management.

He’d Present Them as His Own

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She would spend weeks researching and crafting findings and reports that would be presented to the higher-ups.

Brian would then present the report, but the author got listed on the title slide, along with the date and level of confidentiality.

She Got Asked to Sit in by the CEO

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One day, the CEO asked OP to sit in on one of the senior briefing meetings because one of the topics under discussion was quite technical, and he wanted OP on hand to answer a few questions about the tech.

OP got there early and got a seat around the table near the front of the room so that she was near the projector and screen.

Her Manager Was Shocked to See Her

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Brian turned up late, he rushed in after everyone had settled down. He saw OP and instantly looked panicked. “OP?! What are you doing in this meeting? You shouldn’t be here!” he exclaimed.

He Even Tried to Get Rid of Her

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But the CEO had personally asked OP to join them. Brian tried to argue that OP had important work to do with a short deadline, but the CEO was unaware of anything urgent and told her to stay.

Time for His Presentation…

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The meeting went ahead as normal, and the first few presentations went according to plan.

Then it was Brian’s turn to get up and talk through the presentation OP had put together.

He Changed What?!

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He looked super nervous, and the moment the first slide went up, OP realized why.

The title slide had all the usual information except for one key change: the author’s name. For some reason, somebody had changed her name to Brian’s name!

He Tried to Cover It Up

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Brian immediately acted shocked, but it was clear to everyone that he was faking badly. “Oh! What’s happened here? That should be OP’s name here. She did this one,” he said, trying to cover his tracks.

But He Couldn’t Fool Anyone

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When confronted by the CEO, Brian attempted to feign shock and claimed it was a mistake, but that didn’t fool the CEO.

“OP, how many of these reports have you written since Brian joined the company?” he asked.

“All of them? Was I supposed to?” OP replied. “Really? Interesting. Let’s take a break here. Brian, stay behind, please,” the CEO said, dismissing everyone else.

The Truth Always Comes Out in the End

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The truth soon came out: Brian had been changing her name to his on all her reports and claiming that he’d taken over that job since joining their department.

He’d Been Taking Credit for Years

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He was not only taking credit for her work, but also using it as an excuse for why he was so bad at the rest of his job!

As you can imagine, the CEO was not impressed, and they moved Brian to another department shortly after!

She Was Furious

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But what was really going through OP’s mind during this whole ordeal? Well, for starters, she couldn’t believe that Brian had the audacity to claim credit for her hard work!

She had put in hours of research and report writing, only for him to take all the credit. She felt betrayed, but she also felt a sense of relief that the truth had finally come out!

But She Also Found It Funny

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It was also pretty funny – watching Brian sweat was an image she’d remember for the rest of her life, and at the end of the day, karma hit that manager hard!

How Often Does This Happen?

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Her story makes you wonder how often this kind of thing happens in the workplace and how many other people steal their hard work from colleagues or superiors.

Karmic Retribution

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Reddit users loved this woman’s story of karmic retribution. One user said, “Gotta love a story like this! It is special that you got to be in the room to see it all go down. I enjoyed the manager’s embarrassment, and I don’t even know him!!”

What do you think about her story? Her manager really got his just desserts in the end, didn’t he?

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