The Boomers Next Door Complained About Their Noisy Kids, Are The Parents Wrong For Telling The Boomers to Move?

A family with three children living in Los Angeles faces complaints from their retired neighbors about the noise level in their yard and at the park.

The man and his wife purchased a house in Los Angeles with a decent-sized yard a couple of years ago, where they live with their three children – 6-year-old twins and a 9-year-old. 

The kids enjoy playing in the yard and at the park across the street, which often results in some noise. 

Their next-door neighbors, a retired “boomer couple” with children in their mid-30s, frequently complain about the noise level. 

Most of the neighborhood is made up of retired individuals who have installed security cameras and use the designated neighbor as a “block cop.” 

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Despite the fact that the children are hardly ever home because they’re at school, neighbors demand they be quieter because they’ve lived in their home for 40 years.

The man attempted to reason with the neighbors, but refused to listen, insisting that the family follow their rules as their next-door neighbors. 

While the neighbors purchased their home for a modest sum in the 1980s, the man and his wife had to take out an astronomical mortgage to afford their home, which they are working much harder to pay off. 

The neighbor came over yesterday to complain about the noise again, suggesting the family relocate to a quieter area or purchase a home by the ocean. 

The man responded they could not afford such a house, and told the neighbor to move out and purchase a home by the ocean if they despised living near neighbors so much. 

Despite receiving some criticism for being impolite to an older person, the man believed they had not acted rudely.

MissMegz got the most upvotes on Reddit with her response. She said, “It’s hard to pass judgement here because who knows how loud your kids are actually being. It also sounds like everyone here is being an A**Hole to each other.” 

TechLepord responded, “If the “Boomer couple” can hear kids screeching in the park from inside their own house, the kids are being WAY too loud. Even during the day.”

ScienceNotKids agreed with the neighbors saying, “You’re the A**Hole  for not parenting your kids. If the entire neighborhood is complaining, it’s you, not them.”

What do you think? Were the kids being too loud or are the neighbors being too rigid about the noise? Who’s in the wrong?

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