How to Avoid the Pain of the Salary Low-Ball

Avoiding the Recruiters Low-Ball When We’re Asked to Give Our Salary History Can Be Done. Here’s How.  When taking on a job change or even whole career change, we might use a recruiter. You may already know this from past experience, but recruiters generally don’t have a great reputation.   During the decade I was […]

Free Job Change Webinar 16th August 2017 at 4pm East Coast

  I am hosting a job search webinar on Wednesday 16th August at 4pm East Coast time. Its 100% free, read on if you would like to know more.   Are you looking for work at the moment? May be you’ve been struggling for some time to find something. Perhaps you’re desperate to get back […]

How to Quit Stalling and Make a Successful Career Change

The Career Change Blueprint Will be Released Soon. Here are 7 Lessons From It:   The career change blueprint will be the lessons I learnt and steps I went through when I took on my career change at the end of 2012.     I wrote a long article How to Skyrocket to a Successful Career Change […]

How to Overcome the Recruiter’s Salary Question – My Wife’s Story

Why Recruiters Need to Change Their Approach If you’re thinking about or going through a job change grab my eBook, the Free 3 Way to Win. I wrote it to go with this post. It’s a guide for what to say next time you’re asked for your salary history by the recruiter. Click here for your free […]

3 Reasons Why Recruiters Want to Know Your Salary

Using Recruiters Can Help Your Chances of Finding Work But Be Careful     This is a follow on to the post I wrote about my wife’s experience when a recruiter pressured her for her salary history can be read here.   Both as a candidate and as a recruiter, I’ve seen and experienced how […]