You Won’t Believe the 10 Trends Boomers Love But Millennials Find Hilarious

Baby Boomers and Millennials are two distinct generations with different values, preferences, and perspectives. While both generations have significantly impacted society, they have different tastes, beliefs, and trends that they follow. We list ten trends that Baby Boomers love but Millennials roll their eyes at. From fashion to technology, the differences in what these two … Read more

20 Global Issues Your Grandchildren Will Have to Fix

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30 Gaslighting Phrases to Look Out For in The Workplace

Gaslighting is a type of manipulation where someone gives fake or incorrect information to make them doubt their memory, perception, and mental capacity or sanity. Perpetrators of gaslighting can also use it as a tactic to control or exploit another person. The term “gaslighting” originates from a film adaptation of Patrick Hamilton’s 1938 play Gas … Read more