13 Key Signs of a Housing Market Crash

housing market crash

Wealthy Living has given permission to republish this comprehensive post on signs that indicate a housing market crash is imminent. Whatever your view of the market, whether the housing bubble will continue or slowly deflate, this is a great read. A recent survey found that the majority of Americans are expecting a housing market crash. … Read more

4 Great Reasons Why You Should Now Consider a Career Change

Choosing a career change might be done out of the promise of better potential for advancement, salary, or even work, life balance. Sometimes, our existing profession demands an occasional makeover or even a complete shift, particularly as we get older. If you don’t know this yet, changing careers is not anymore an act of rarity. … Read more

Five Super Cool Passive Income Strategies

In business, passive income usually describes money earned without actively working or putting much effort into it.  Usually, generating a consistent source of passive income doesn’t happen overnight.  Initially, you need to invest cash, time, and effort and be patient for effective results. Some methods can create a consistent flow of income with little effort, … Read more

7  Things To Know About Eminem’s Net Worth and Other Facts

eminem's net worth

Wealthy Living originally posted this interesting post on 7 things to know about Eminem’s net worth and other facts. They have permitted us to republish the article here. Quick Facts: Most of us are familiar with Slim Shady’s slick rap tunes and could probably sing along to songs like “Rap God.” But, while most of … Read more

Check Out The Inspiring Net Worth of These Three Famous Celebrities

net worth

Wealthy Living originally published this excellent post on the net worth of famous celebrities and we were given permission to republish it here. Some celebrities seem to have the Midas touch and everything they touch turns to gold. That’s certainly the case for these three. Rick Ross, Blippi, and Soulja Boy have a combined net … Read more

5 Essential Things You Should Know About Biden’s First Time Home Buyer Grant Program

First Time Home Buyer Grant

The Biden administration has proposed a $25,000 First Time Home Buyer Grant to assist qualifying buyers in becoming homeowners.  On April 14, 2021, lawmakers presented 17 housing-related bills. The Downpayment Toward Equity Act of 2021, also known as the $25,000 First-Time Home Buyer Grant, is one of the 17 bills presented. The grant addresses a … Read more

5 Reasons We’re Seeing Falling Housing Market Prices

falling housing market prices

This post, originally published on Tim Thomas which we have permission to republish here, looks at a report from Zillow. From the report, we can see some of the reasons for falling housing market prices. We all know the story. The pandemic hit the world, leading to lower mortgage rates and a greater desire for … Read more