South Dakota First Time Home Buyer Program: 5 Useful Things You Should Know

south dakota first time home buyer program

Wealthy Living published this great post on the South Dakota first time home buyer program. We have permission to republish the article here. South Dakota’s median home price is lower than the national average. But in 2021 and 2022, they increased rapidly. Fortunately, South Dakota offers valuable programs, such as special mortgages, down payment assistance, … Read more

5 Reasons Why Rising Inflation Is Stoking a Housing Market Crash

housing market

Tim Thomas / Timothy Thomas Limited published this informative article on why rising inflation is stoking housing market crash. We have been permitted to republish it here. Inflation has been a word on many people’s tongues since the end of 2021. It’s a worry to many different people for various reasons — from individuals who are … Read more

Minimum Credit Score To Buy A House

Credit Score To Buy A House

What is the Minimum Credit Score You Need to Buy a House Even the most financially aware customers may find credit ratings to be a complicated subject.  Most people know that having a good credit score increases the likelihood of being approved for a mortgage since it demonstrates to the lender that the borrower is … Read more

Why Zillow is Forecasting 11.6% US Housing Market Growth

US housing market

This article about growth in the US housing market growth originally published by Tim Thomas. We have received permission to republish it here When it comes to predicting the US housing market, few could claim they understand what’s happening better than Zillow, one of the most popular real estate listings services in the US. If … Read more

6 Reasons to Fear Greed: Will There be a Housing Market Crash?

housing market

We have been granted permission by Tim Thomas to republish this excellent article about the housing market. Home prices in the United States have reached new highs and are rising, prompting some researchers and economists to warn that a bubble is forming and a housing market crash will soon follow. According to some academics and economists … Read more

Tesla Stock Split: 5 Things You Should Know

Tesla Stock Split

Tim Thomas originally published this article on the Tesla stock split and gave us permission to republish it here. On August 4, Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) declared that its shareholders had approved a 3-1 stock split for its shares.  Even though shareholders anticipated the stock split, Tesla’s stock, which was at $933 at the opening bell … Read more

Top 6 Housing Market Trends for Real Estate Investors

Housing Market Trends

Tim Thomas has given permission to Career Step Up to republish this excellent post on Top 6 Housing Market Trends for Real Estate Investors Since the commencement of the COVID pandemic, the real estate market has been nothing short of a roller coaster for both buyers and sellers. Record price increases, ultra-low mortgage rates, and … Read more