How To Answer The Most Important Interview Question

Interview Question

This post, originally by Steve for Wealth of Geeks, is a great article on the most important interview question. It’s a question that all candidates know they’re going to be asked but almost always fail to prepare for. Imagine this: You’re interviewing for a new job. You’re doing great. You answered every question confidently, and … Read more

How Much Does it Cost to Become a Real Estate Agent?

Real estate agent

With US housing market prices resembling a bubble, now could be a great time to consider a career change and become a real estate agent. Ok, some don’t have a great reputation but that’s not true for all agents. This post from Wealth of Geeks could be a useful read. Unless you have been living … Read more

8 Resume Power Words to Boost Your Chances of Getting A Job

Most people’s resumes are boring. I spent 14-years hiring and firing staff within the information technology sector. Over those years, I’ve read thousands of resumes. I threw most of them away within 10 seconds. They were dull, and repetitive and most of them put me to sleep. The resumes I kept were impressive. They were … Read more

I Hate My Job: Goodhire Study Says This Generation is the Most Unhappy at Work

I hate my job

There is a generational divide happening in the United States workforce, and you might be surprised at who is most unhappy with their jobs. GoodHire measured workplace happiness among 4,000 workers across multiple generations, and it found that Generation Z, or 18-24-year-olds, are the most unhappy at work. The study broke out each generation as … Read more

5 Steps to an Ultra-Productive Home Office

Home Office

With Covid on the rise (again), working from home has never been more common. Companies across the country are embracing flexible work options to help avoid spreading the virus inside of offices. But, too many people are working in unproductive environments at home, like the dinner table, couch, or even their bedrooms. It could be … Read more