LGBT Servicemembers Were Dishonorably Discharged for the “Crime” of Being Gay. Now, the Pentagon Is Finally Making Things Right

The Pentagon is beginning a new effort to contact former service members who may have been forced out of the military and deprived of years of benefits due to policies targeting their sexual orientation, starting with those targeted under the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. Here’s the whole story. Correct Their Records On Wednesday, the … Read more

An 11-Year-Old Child Was Coerced Into Sending Photos to an Internet Creep – So Police Threatened to Arrest Her

Two Ohio cops are under investigation after a viral video posted by a dad shows one of them saying his 11-year-old daughter could face ‘child porn’ charges after the father told them an online predator was victimizing her. Here are the shocking details of the incident. Grooming His 11-Year Old Daughter Ohio police say two … Read more

An AI Chatbot SOLVED This Mother’s Medical Mystery, Even After 17 Doctors Were Stumped – What’s Next for the Smart Machine Revolution?

ChatGPT helped a mother determine what was causing her son’s debilitating pain that had been ongoing for three years after 17 Doctors had failed to diagnose the cause of his chronic pain. Here’s the details of this miracle. Symptoms Started at 4 Years Old Courtney, who chose not to reveal her last name, told Today … Read more

His Future In-Laws Are DEMANDING a Bride Price! He Loves His Thai Girlfriend, but How Much Is That Love Really Worth?

An American man asked the Reddit community for advice on what to do after his Thai girlfriend’s family demanded a million baht ($28,000) dowry, known as sinsod in Thailand. He said he loved her very much, but was not a foolish ‘farang’ (Thai slang for a foreigner). She Won’t Make Much Money – Even with … Read more

Desantis Says You SHOULDN’T Get the New Covid-19 Booster Shot – These Are the Details

In contradiction to new guidance from federal health authorities, Gov. Ron DeSantis and his administration are telling Floridians under 65 to forgo getting newly approved COVID-19 booster shots. This is how the situation developed. FDA Announcement This week, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended that … Read more

A Feminist NIGHTMARE – Female Surgeons Are Reporting Stuff on the Job You Wouldn’t Believe!

Female and male surgeons have reported being sexually harassed and assaulted by colleagues, including being fondled inside their scrubs, according to the findings of a new study in the UK. Here’s the shocking results of the study. Anonymous Study of Over 1400 Surgeons The analysis was done by the Working Party on Sexual Misconduct in … Read more

A Sex Worker Is Running for Office in Virginia – Here’s What You Need to Know

A Virginia Democratic candidate for the state’s House of Delegates performed sex acts with her husband online and asked her virtual audience to “tip” them. Here’s the story.  Tip Money A Virginia Democratic candidate running for the commonwealth’s House of Delegates has been accused of performing sex acts with her husband in front of an … Read more