His Dad Gave His Brother and Sister Financial Help But Refused To Pay For His Education, You’ll Feel Sorry For Him When You Find Out Why

Reddit has provided a difficult story to read about a young man desperately seeking advice from fellow Redditors. The Original Poster (OP) has been accepted to college, but when he went to talk with his parents about the next steps – he was met with earth-shattering news.  Picture Perfect Family The news that devastated OP’s … Read more

He Was Livid With Drivers Parking On His Land, So He Decided to Give Them a New Year’s Icy Suprise, They Were Mad

The original poster (OP) reminisced about when he took revenge on people who parked in his private parking spaces. A Long Time Ago Twenty years ago, OP’s family owned two apartment buildings, each containing three units in the suburbs of Chicago.  Two were the family’s homes, while the tenants rented the others. But alas, only … Read more