Are They Wrong For Wearing Dresses Outside To Trigger Their Christian Neighbors?

A gender-fluid cosplayer wears quirky dresses outside and faces backlash from neighbors who feel uncomfortable and called the police on them.

The original poster is a cosplayer and prop maker who recently came to terms with their gender identity as gender-fluid.

While they were assigned male at birth, they have begun to present as feminine in public, with a particular love for Renaissance Fair-style dresses.

However, their fashion choices have caused concern among some of their neighbors, who have approached them with comments about how their outfits confuse their Christian children. 

One neighbor suggested the individual stop wearing dresses in public.

In response to these comments, the individual reacted angrily and told the neighbor to “f*** **f.” 

Rather than ceasing to wear dresses, they have doubled down on their fashion choices and now wear apron dresses frequently in public.

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As a result, their neighbors have called the police on them, claiming the individual is trying to provoke them. 

While loading props into their car for a show, the police arrived and spoke to the individual, suggesting their behavior was only worsening matters.

OP is now grappling with whether they were in the wrong.

While they have every right to express their gender identity through their fashion choices, they may have gone too far in provoking their neighbors. 

They asked Redditors what they thought about the situation. 

Redditors overwhelmingly sided with OP. One user said, “f*** the police, you’re not the a****le.”

Some Redditors even suggested taking safety precautions against their neighbors. 

One user said, “People can get scary, so maybe consider some safety precautions and maybe cameras OP.”

What would you do? Do you think OP is going too far, or should the neighbors mind their business?

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