10 Apps That Will Teach Your Kid to Read

Love it or hate it, technology is here to stay, so why not take advantage of it? Teaching your child to read is one of the many wonderful things technology can help with.

While much of a child’s reading skills are taught in school, if you want to help them get ahead, there are some great apps that will help accomplish that.

#1. Homer

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Homer is filled with fun games that are designed to help your child learn to read. The app is for children ages two-eight and has lessons that are focused on each age group.

#2. ABCmouse

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ABCmouse offers over 850 lessons for all learning levels. The program includes games, apps, and puzzles among other things to help your child laugh while they learn.

#3. Starfall

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Starfall is a multi-level program that allows kids to progress as they learn. Children can learn using games and sing-a-longs to make the process more enjoyable.

#4. VocabularySpellingCity

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This app is popular among parents who homeschool their children. Parents have the option to create study playlists for their kids.

#5. Hoopla

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Hoopla is like Audible for kids. Parents can download audiobooks for their kids to listen to. Audiobooks are great for kids because it helps them with comprehension and teaches them important reading skills.

#6. FarFaria

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FarFaria is a story-based app with different stories kids can choose from. The story narration keeps kids engaged and the colorful graphics make the app enjoyable for children of all ages.

#7. Endless Reader

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Endless Reader utilizes cute monsters as the teachers in this app. They use visual aides to show the children the words they are trying to learn.

The words come alive as well to create visual representations of them to help the children memorize words better.

#8. Kids Academy

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Kids Academy takes a more personal approach to learning.The app has more than 5,000 learning activities for kids to participate in.

#9. Amazon FreeTime

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Amazon FreeTime is has a huge catalog of children’s books for kids of all ages.

Parents can set educational goals for their kids and track their reading progress on their own devices.

#10. Hooked on Phonics

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Hooked on Phonics has more than 275 phonics activities for kids to participate in. The app has interactive games where kids can earn prizes and the app follows federal and state reading proficiency standards all the way through first grade.

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