Weekly Side Hustle Passive Income Update – Jan 09.

This week we highlight three articles worth looking at.

Passive income, paid surveys and other ways to access cash in 2023

A recent article published on CBS News  gives some ideas for accessing cash – they’re side hustles rather than passive income, one of which catches the eye; getting paid to take surveys.

Taking surveys may not be a path to riches; however, doing so can complement your current income. The article features a firm synonymous with surveys, Survey Junkie, and suggests that you can see an extra $40 coming in every month by taking three surveys a day.

5 ways to make thousands a month in passive income in 2023

Business Insider published an article last week by Jen Glantz. After being laid off in 2015 and without her only source of income – her salary and many financial obligations to meet- she created multiple income streams.

Every year she tries different strategies to add more revenue sources – she currently earns six figures a year from affiliate and course sales, to name just two.

She suggests five ideas for adding new revenue streams in 2023. They are, Asset sharing; Peer-to-peer lending; Dropshipping, Investing in crowdfunded real estate,  and Monetizing an existing audience (e.g., on Twitter or Instagram).

5 Passive Income Ideas That Will Make You Money in 2023

Time.com has an article about passive income and gives five ideas that you might want to consider, although like most passive income strategies, there’s work required upfront to get started.

The five are publishing a book on Kindle, becoming a creator, using affiliate links on your website, building a membership site, and creating an online course.

The article suggests Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and Medium’s Partner Program are both platforms to self-publish.

Suppose you want to consider the creator route, i.e., building a website or audience and monetizing your followers. In that case, the articles suggest considering the YouTube Partner Program, Google AdSense, and Podbean’s PodAds.

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